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The "Jim Boat 2013: Cut The Crap Cruise"
Let's Get Down To What's Actually Working
In Online Business - Right Now!

FROM: Jim Edwards
To: Everyone who is sick & tired of all the hype and BS!
RE: The Jim Boat 2013 is back by popular demand!

Here's the problem...

Most of what's being peddled these days about how to build your online business is absolute BS. It's re-hashed, re-cycled, regurgitated crap that's just intended to sell you the latest "bright, shiny object" (and separate you from your hard-earned cash)!

To make things even worse, it's sold by people who aren't actually "doing it" in their own businesses. Yep, they're just making stuff up they think you'll want to buy.

And it gets even worse...

If you do what these people tell you, not only will you waste your money, but you'll also waste your valuable time, get discouraged, and ultimately give up. Why? Because what they teach doesn't actually work!

Luckily for you, there's now a solution...

The Jim Boat 2013: Cut The Crap Cruise!

Spend 7 Fun-Filled Days With Me This Winter,
And I'll personally show you exactly what's
really working - right NOW - in online business!

Let me just cut to the chase and tell you EXACTLY what I will personally teach you - LIVE - on The Jim Boat 2013.

SIDE NOTE: For those of you who know me, you know my trainings are well-organized, all-meat-no-filler lessons with tons of useful and immediately actionable information from the REAL WORLD of online business. No Theory. No Fluff. No BS. Just the straight goods from someone who is actually DOING it every single day!

Here's the class list:

Session 1: "7 Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind"
Turn your passion into profit, problems into cash, and create unstoppable mental momentum!

Session 2:
"Speed-Product Creator"
Step-By-Step how to quickly create Profitable Info-Products people really want to buy online!

Session 3:
"Email List Building Roadmap"
The real-world roadmap that builds BIG, responsive email lists to sell your ebooks, products & services.

Session 4:
"Targeted Traffic Tricks"
4 Website Traffic Strategies everyone needs to know for driving cost-effective, targeted traffic in 72-hours or less.

Session 5:
"Google Domination"
2 ways to rank for popular keyword phrases on the front page of Google in 72 hours or less - no SEO experience required!

Session 6:
"How to Outsource Anything"
How to find, evaluate, and hire people to do EXACTLY what you need done - CHEAP! (and not screw it up!) Includes specific checklists & templates for outsourcing website setup, video creation, and email autoresponder setup.

In fact...

ALL of the classes will include checklists, process maps, resource lists and more! So you can worry less about taking notes, and concentrate on soaking up the goodness we deliver in each action-packed class (along with soaking up the sun of course)!

We'll also have plenty of time for personalized feedback from both myself and my VIP guests, both during, and outside of the classroom periods. So not only will you learn what you need to do, you'll actually START the process AND get feedback on what you've done so you can hit the ground running once we get back home.

And one more thing...

We'll also include a series of 3 LIVE webinars BEFORE the cruise to lay the groundwork for your success. (If you can't make the webinars live, don't worry, we'll record them and provide replays.) So you'll actually arrive on The Jim Boat 2013 with the process already started and strong momentum before you even set foot on the boat!

Like I said... this cruise is all about cutting through the CRAP and getting REAL RESULTS in today's online world - no matter what you sell or who you sell it to!

So now that you know what you'll be learning... let's talk about the FUN you'll have!

This is What Your 7 Days Onboard
The Jim Boat 2013 Will Look Like

Setting Sail February 3rd -10th, 2013

The Jim Boat 2013 Cruise Itinerary

No Date Port Arrive Depart
1 Sun, Feb 03 Port of Miami 1:00 PM 4:00 PM
    Meet Your Ship-Mates At Jim's Bon Voyage Open Bar Cocktail Party 6:00 PM 7:00 PM
2 Mon, Feb  04 Great Stirrup Key, Bahamas 8:00 AM 5:00PM
    Pre-Dinner Training Session 6:00 PM 7:30 PM
3 Tue, Feb  05 Training Sessions 9:30 AM 12:30PM
    Feedback / Q&A Session 6:00 PM 7:30 PM
4 Wed, Feb  06 Ocho Rios, Jamaica 8:00 AM 5:00 PM
    Pre-Dinner Training Session 6:00 PM 7:30 PM
5 Thu, Feb  7 Grand Cayman 8:00 AM 4:00 PM
    Pre-Dinner Training Session 6:00 PM 7:30 PM
6 Fri, Feb  08 Cozumel, Mexico 10:00 AM 6:00PM
    Special Group Dinner - Jim's Treat! 6:00 PM 7:30 PM
7 Sat, Feb  09 Training Sessions 9:30 AM 12:30PM
    Farewell Celebration    
8 Sun, Feb  10 Port Of Miami 8:00 AM  


See & Hear What Some of Our
Past "Jim Boat Cruisers"
Had to Say About Their Experience?
(Use the scrollbar below the video to navigate through 19 different testimonials)

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

Put Yourself In The Picture...

...having fun... discovering excellent money-making info, making new friends, networking, meeting potential new business partners... all while relaxing and enjoying the healing ocean waters and breeze!

We do it this way because we know the easiest way to learn is in a relaxed, casual, and comfortable environment.

No running around a hotel or city trying to find food "on the fly." No worries about being dressed for a business presentation. No worries about what your family or partner can do with their time while you're in the workshop experience.

It's a HUGE win-win-win for everyone!

There's no better way to discover the secrets for building your online business than while vacationing in the Caribbean.

We're Going On a FUN and Profitable
Adventure Together for 7 Full Days
Aboard The Norwegian "Pearl"

Norwegian Pearl

The Norwegian "Pearl" is one of the nicest ships in the NCL fleet. You'll appreciate a wonderful atmosphere of casual flexibility, emanating in a large part from the ship's much ballyhooed selection of restaurants. Some of the dining options are traditional cruise-style, and others most decidedly anything but! You'll experience an intriguing blend of the best features of a cruise experience and a land resort. There's the excitement of a new port almost every day, and the lovely relaxation of a couple of days at sea. All of the fabulous dining, endless entertainment options and pampering services will make for your truly special onboard experience.

...Sailing From Miami, Florida, To The Exciting Western Caribbean

Setting Sail: Sunday, Feb 3rd, 2013
Sunday, Feb 10th, 2013


Miami, FL

7-Day Western Caribbean, Roundtrip Miami

Have a Look at Your Incredible
"The Jim Boat 2013" Ports of Call!

Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas

Great Stirrup Key

Spend a full day on our expanded white sand beaches and enjoy the many activities we have to offer. Grab a bite at our new 8,500 square foot beach buffet which includes a central pizza making station, two grills, hot and cold food stations, as well as fresh fruits and breads. Enjoy the only eco-fun private island destination in the Caribbean.

Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Ocho Rios Jamaica


The golden beaches, swaying palm trees and fragrant air are just a prelude to what surrounds this beautiful city. Within the nearby jungle-covered mountains are the magnificent Dunnís River Falls, the foliage of Fern Gully and the untouched beauty of the White River.

George Town, Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands


The largest of the Cayman Islands, Grand Cayman is famous for its Seven Mile Beach, the popular Stingray City and its excellent diving. Both nature and history are preserved underwater with a collection of easily viewed shipwrecks, coral formations and marine life.

Cozumel, Mexico

Cozumel, Mexico


The island of Cozumel off the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula continues to be known for its fantastic fishing, snorkeling and diving opportunities. And despite the growth of tourism in recent years, the island and its only town, San Miguel, retain much of their original warmth and charm.


Are You Wondering Why We
Promote the Jim Boat
2013 Cruise So Early?
(And... Why You Need to Register NOW
if You Want To Be There?)

  • Booking a cruise is very different than booking a hotel seminar.

  • "Cruisers" book cabins months, sometimes years in advance... and cruise cabins fill up fast (yes, even in this economy.)

  • To put together a block of 75 cabins takes not only a financial commitment, but we also need actual live bodies to hold those cabins. We have to provide names and passport numbers to the cruise line to have them "count." 1

    (Even if I want to hold you a spot to register later, Norwegian Cruise Lines won't allow it.)

  • More than 1/2 of the cabins in "our block" were taken almost a YEAR ago,  paid for and sold. (80% of the "Jim Boat Cruisers" from 2011 are already "on board" for the "Jim Boat 2013")

  • We have a small window of time, to invite you to join us, with a hard and fast cut-off date. Norwegian Cruise Lines dictates the window of opportunity and then we have to close the door. It's truly out of our hands.

This is why we're making you such an
Incredible 2-for-1 Ticket

So now you're probably thinking... "Ok! I want to go! How much will it cost me (total) to set sail on the Jim Boat 2013?"

Let's Take a Look at the "Real Rock-Bottom Cost"
of a 2-Day "Hotel Seminar" VS.
the  7-Day "Real Value" for the
"Jim Boat Cruise Workshop."  

Have a look. Check out the summary of everything you'll experience, gain, and appreciate when you come onboard with us for "The Jim Boat 2013: Cut The Crap Cruise"...

Item "Hotel Seminar" Jim Boat 2013
Cruise Workshop
the Winner is:
Tickets To Event (2) $1,500 to $3,000 per person

($3,000 to $6,000
For TWO people)

(2-For-1 Workshop Ticket!)

Jim Boat Cruise
Meals / Snacks $40-60 EXTRA
per person...
    per day
Included Your
Jim Boat Cruise
Hotel Average $175 -
$250 x 4 Nights
= $800 +
7 Nights:

$799 / person
Double Occupancy

Jim Boat Cruise
Room Service $$$$ Included Your
Jim Boat Cruise
Entertainment Whatever you
can find
Included Your
Jim Boat Cruise
     Visit Exotic
Island Locations
    no way
Included Your
Jim Boat Cruise
Hang out at the pool or beach with Jim & umbrella drink nope Included Your
Jim Boat Cruise
NEW "Cut The Crap" T-shirt    no chance Oh Yeah! Your
Jim Boat Cruise
"FUN Factor" maybe Off The Charts! Your
Jim Boat Cruise
All-Inclusive Island Shore Excursion not happening Included Your
Jim Boat Cruise
Extra surprise goodies and raffles no Included Your
Jim Boat Cruise
VIP Experience for
    7 Whole Days
not hardly Included Your
Jim Boat Cruise
Tropical warmth and beautiful sea No Jim Boat Cruise Winner

 Your Total "Cost"

 $3,680 -
For 2 people
over 2-3 boring days

2-For-1 Workshop Ticket

Workshop for 2 = $   397
+ Cruise for 2*   = $1,598
   TOTAL for 2
*   = $1,895

Jim Boat Cruise

*Cruise for 2 / inside cabin $799 per person (upgraded), double occupancy booked in OUR cabin block. Includes all port charges and departure taxes. Does not include gratuities, alcohol, or airfare.

Everyone Loves This Cruise Setting and
It Just Makes More Sense Than a Hotel Seminar...

It's the Most Affordably Priced,
7 Days of FUN,  Quality Education in
an Incredible Environment - Ever!

You'll get to meet people from all over the world and get the new training you need...  then relax, hang out, and go have fun! This gives you time to absorb everything.

As your questions percolate up to the surface while you're enjoying a meal or taking in the sights, or chatting with some new friend at the beach...  right within eyesight, will be a VIP, another marketing expert, or me... who you can spend some time chatting with, getting to know, and get clear about your questions, thoughts and ideas.

Not to mention the life-long friendships that have developed between past "Jim Boat Cruisers" as well as business deals!

It doesn't get any better than this!

Remember, the Workshop Price Includes a
"2-For-1 Ticket" for the Workshop!

This means your spouse / friend / business partner / guest traveling with you, can also attend the workshop trainings in addition to sharing a room with you!

You are also welcome to upgrade your cabin/stateroom at your option, based on the availability of the cabins left in our "block" at the time you register. (You also only have to put down a small $500 deposit right now... the balance isn't due until November 1, 2012)

We agree with our past "Jim Boat Cruisers" that this is a better value than any land-based seminar you could ever find to attend!

All you have to do is get yourself to the boat, get onboard and we'll take care of the rest! (Does not include alcohol, gratuities or airfare.)

Book Your Cruise &
Workshop Now...


Sign Up Now for The Jim Boat 2013
"Cut The Crap Cruise"
Setting Sail February 3-10, 2013


Included:7-Day luxury cruise, for 2, aboard the Norwegian "Pearl"

Included: All your meals and snacks

Included: Deluxe SURPRISE Island shore excursion

Included: All your onboard entertainment

Included: Life-Changing Jim Boat 2013 for 2  Workshops, Trainings, VIP
                Interactive Feedback and much, much more!

Included: Networking and Open-Bar cocktail parties onboard

Included: Group  dinner at a Premium Restaurant on Jim

Included: Souvenir Jim-Boat T-shirt and TONS of goodies

"All Aboard" Special Offer 2-For-1 Ticket!
Today's Price: Only $397 (+ Cruise) for Two!
(85% OFF Previous Cruise Workshop Prices)

Click Here To Reserve Your Spot If Someone Cancels

Don't wait... this will be the BEST Jim Boat Ever!

We'd love to see you onboard!

Jim Edwards
& the entire Jim Boat Staff and Crew

PS - This is the best value, dollar for dollar, (pound for pound... or euro for euro etc.) than any other seminar or workshop you can name. If you're serious about putting more money in your pocket with what's really working in online business - RIGHT NOW - and you want to have fun at the same time - this is for you.

If you can only attend one seminar or workshop this year, The Jim Boat 2013 is your best deal!

Click Here To Reserve Your Spot If Someone Cancels

PPS - You might be asking, "Hey, didn't you say the Jim Boat 5 was the "LAST" Jim Boat Cruise? Why are you doing another one?" Answer: Because when we went on the "last" Jim Boat I had at least 1/2 the cruisers come up and BEG me not to let it be the last cruise. They twisted my arm (one of them literally - OUCH!) until I agreed to do another cruise. And, to show they were serious, 80% of them registered for the NEXT Jim Boat on the spot!

So - plain and simple - we are continuing the Jim Boat because of popular demand!


FAQ and Additional Information:

What are the details of the 2-for-1 Ticket?
* 2-for-1 TICKET is for workshop only for your guest traveling with you. Does not include cruise cabin, taxes, travel or your transportation. Cruise cost is $799 per person, upgraded inside cabin, double-occupancy. 2-for-1 Ticket is non-transferrable and may not be sold or given away. Sorry, no substitutions either. Actual value of 2-for-1 Ticket will be up to $397 per person ($794). Your guest MUST be staying in a cabin booked through our block of cabins to qualify.

When will the tickets actually go on sale?
Tickets are available now. Make sure you book your ticket now. More than half of our available cabins are already sold. We don't want you to miss this incredible opportunity! Jump on board!

All remaining cabins will be available on a first come, first-served basis until we're "Sold Out" or Norwegian Cruise Lines closes the door, whichever occurs first. Once this happens, your 2 for 1 Special offer is GONE Forever.

Cancellation Policies

Because of the nature of this event and the advanced planning that takes place (as well as our inability to replace you as an attendee once you reserve a seat), there is a $197 Workshop cancellation fee that is independent of any cancellation fees in connection with your cruise reservation. Once you register, if you cancel for any reason, you will receive a refund of your workshop fee less $197. How much refund you receive on the cruise portion of your fee depends on when you cancel.

Video / Audio Recording Release Form
Because of the nature of this event, we will be video and / or audio taping this event for recording purposes. You understand that:

  • We will be recording the event;

  • You may or may not have your likeness / voice / questions / participation recorded at the event without compensation to you;

  • We may or may not use your likeness / voice / questions / testimonials as part of our future marketing efforts for the event without compensation to you;

  • You will be required to sign a video release before entering the event. Refusal to sign the video release for any reason will prevent you from entering the workshop and is NOT grounds for any refund.

Passports - Do I need a passport?
Yes, you and the person traveling with you will both need a passport.
If you don't have a passport, you'll need to get one or you won't be able to get on the ship or go to the exotic locations on this cruise.

Getting a passport is easy, but can take some time... so don't wait! If you don't have a passport - get one! ( My travel coordinator will have information on how you can get your passport squared away quickly and you'll want to jump right on that).

* Please note: If your passport will expire within 6 months of the Jim Boat sail dates, you need to get it renewed in order to sail with us.

Children and The Jim Boat
We love kids! I have 5-year old, 2-year old, and 1-year old grand kids upon whom the sun rises and sets. You're welcome to bring your children on the cruise and they can enjoy themselves on the ship in various activities and optional child care. "Kids Crew" is broken into 3 age-appropriate groups to accommodate your children from 2-17 years of age. Your spouse can watch them or you can have your own childcare provider for them.

However, NONE of the activities, shore excursion, formal dinner at the supper club, cocktail parties, and workshop sessions are open to children - sorry, no exceptions.  We've tried it in the past and it just doesn't work out for the scheduled events. There will, however, be plenty of opportunity for you to hang out with your kids because of the way we have the classroom time scheduled on this cruise.

How does the ticket seminar price / cruise payment work?
* With the "2-For-1 Discount", your total workshop package is only $397 (yep, you read that right - your Ticket for 2 people to the workshops is only $397)... which includes you and a friend, business partner, spouse, etc. sharing your cabin.

To pay for the cruise, mechanically we'll need you to actually make 2 payments:
1.  You will pay my company $397 for the workshop.
2.  You will pay my travel coordinator $1,598 ($799 per person) for the cruise portion of your ticket.
 ($500 now / balance due November 1, 2012)
* You can upgrade your cabin at your own option.

Do you need to bring a laptop?
No. A laptop is not needed at the workshop, unless you want to use one for taking notes.

Will there be Internet access available?
Yes. The ship has an Internet Cafe available for a fee.

My advice, take a few days off from email and sorting your spam.... I plan to :-)

"Can I buy a ticket to the seminar and book the cruise myself?"
No. Part of the reason I can do the seminar the way I am is because I've pre-booked a certain number of cabins (and the upgrades). We have to fulfill the block in order to get you all the perks you couldn't get on your own.

What does the total cost of the Jim Boat 2013 Cruise include?
The total cost includes:
- Tickets to the workshop sessions for you and the person sharing your cabin
- All your meals onboard ship
- Entertainment
- Your cabin
- Port charges and departure taxes
- Shore excursion with us
- Deluxe cocktail and networking parties
- Hanging out with some very cool, like-minded people
- Lot's of extra goodies :-)

What does the total cost not include?*
- Transportation to the ship (UNLESS you stay at the group hotel the night before,
   then its included in your hotel overnight stay.)
- Tips / Gratuities ($12 per person, per day)
- Liquor and soft drinks (no seminar pays for any of that) Except for your "Open Bar"
  events hosted by Jim. ;-)
- Internet Cafe use.

Should we get into Miami, FL the night before the ship leaves?
Yes. My advice is that you should get into town the night before the boat pulls out. There are two main reasons for that:

a. If you experience a travel delay, you have enough time to make alternate arrangements and still be able to get on the boat before it sets sail.

b. By getting there the night before you can get an early start, get on the boat, and start partying instead of standing in line with all the other people who get there late.

My travel coordinator will arrange a block of rooms at a hotel near the Port and this will include transportation to the ship in the morning.... this hotel room, you'll book separately through my travel coordinator.

The hotel stay will be optional and at your own expense... but I'd advise getting into town the day before (I am). We're having a party at the hotel the night before AND having early registration so you don't have to get up early on your first day onboard for the cruise workshop!

What time does the boat set sail?
4:00 p.m. - but you should get there a LOT earlier than that!  My travel coordinator will have all that information for you.

What will be covered in the workshop sessions?
Please review again all the above info on the page. We've covered everything there.

We've given you all the details we can think to tell you...

To your success. We hope to see you onboard!



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